Upgrade your camera for your next livestream, video call, or recording

Detail turns your iPhone or iPad into an interactive, premium camera for your Mac. Use Detail to upgrade your camera in Zoom, Loom, Meet, Twitch, YouTube Live, or podcast.

iPhone as webcam

Bring your camera to life

We turn your iPhone into a webcam. Take advantage of the multiple lenses, sensors, and processing power to upgrade your picture quality.

Using a DSLR or webcam? Bring them into the mix and switch instantly between devices to get the right angle.

USB and wireless

The greatest connection

Connect your iPhone camera over USB or a fast WiFi connection. Switch between wired or wireless connection, without missing a frame.

hq recording

Recording in progress

Use Detail on Mac to record high-quality video from the rear camera of your iPhone. Capture high-quality video while streaming.

How to use detail

Easy as 1-2-3. Cheese!


Download and install Detail for macOS.


Install Detail for iOS and connect your iPhone to your Mac.


Select Detail as your camera in Zoom, Meet, Loom, Twitch, or your favorite streaming software.

More features

connect your calendar

Never late

Keep an eye on your next event, check yourself in the mirror and get ready to shine.

video filters

Ready to shine

Show up in style by adding a filter. Take a trip to Auckland, Tokyo, or the beaches of Los Angeles.

Keyboard shortcuts

At your command

Use keyboard shortcuts to switch between cameras, lenses, and filters in a blink. Alternate between camera angles or zoom in, while staying focused on your audience.

Capture greatness

We're excited to bring your camera to life and build the future of live video together.